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Puppy Shipping

It is becoming more and more common for kennels and breeders to offer pet shipping with their pit puppies. Pet shipping is usually available for an added fee or sometimes included in the price of the Pitbull puppy. Pet transport allows for people to have more choices of puppies from kennels and breeders outside of their state. Pet shippers are licensed, insured, and follow many rules (laws) in order to deliver a clean, healthy, and well cared for puppy. We will talk more on those types of pet transplantation services.

Common Types of Pet Shipping

There are a couple different kinds of pet shipping, some more commonly used than others. Pet transporters sometimes only deal in one type, some deal in all types of pet relocation.

Pet ground shipping is one of the most commonly used types of pet relocation. Pet ground shipping is usually the safest and most affordable (no supplies such as crates and bowls need to be purchased). Ground shippers pickup your Pitbull puppy directly from the breeder/kennel and deliver to your door within a couple of days of picking up (depending on the miles between you and the breeder). It is also the most convenient because there is no need to drive to an airport to receive your Pit puppy. Ground transporters schedule a time frame for puppy owners to be home for delivery.

Airline pet shipping used to be the most commonly used types of pet transport, however that is not the case anymore. Temperature restrictions may not allow this breed to fly at certain times of the year with a few airlines. Many airlines have adopted breed restrictions that require the use of very expensive airline crates (upwards of $650) if the puppy exceeds a certain nominal weight. Some airlines have also added this breed to their “do not fly list” and will not fly them period. If the breeder is able to find Pitbull-friendly airlines that fly dogs with no restrictions, this type of pet shipping is a little more costly. You would have to pay a little extra on top of the shipping rate for an airline crate, airline bowls, and possibly for 2nd health certificate/acclimation statement for air travel endorsed by a USDA vet.

Pet nannies are becoming very common. Pet nannies fly your Pit Bull puppy in the cabin with them in a soft pet carrier (provided by the nanny usually). These pet transporters will pick up from the nearest airport to the breeder, and deliver to your nearest airport. Puppies must not exceed 20-22 pounds (depending on the airline rules). This type of transport is also subject to breed restrictions, but the pet nanny will choose the appropriate airline. If this transport is chosen, there is rarely anything additional to purchase by the owner for flight.

Some breeders offer personal delivery for a small fee, usually if you are in a state that borders their state. However, some breeders will travel farther if their schedule allows. Not all breeders offer this type of delivery. Inquire with your breeder first about puppy shipping options.

Additionally, some pet shipping service providers may only provide services to specific regions of the Unites States or other countries. When searching for a pet transporter and inquiring on pet transport, ask first about which areas they serve. Also keep in mind that if you are out of the breeder’s state and have purchased a puppy, it is not mandatory that your puppy is shipped. Breeders and kennels will allow you to drive or fly and pick your puppy up in person.